We won't sell anything that we wouldn't consume. That's our...

...promise to you. We hand-water and hand-feed each plant. It's time-consuming, but it gives us the opportunity to inspect every one - throughout it's life. We take extra time and pay extra attention to every harvest during the crucial curing period. As a good friend said, "Anyone can grow grapes, but very few can make premium wine." Then we hand-trim until we get it just they way WE would want it, full of trichomes and terpines, fresh tasty, and smooth. We take pride in what we do - but our biggest joy comes from the enjoyment that you get from our hard work.
Our selection varies from month to month. We choose our strains on what we would want to consume - from the new fun hybrids to established and awarded landrace strains. But we also listen to the marketplace and if there is a specific strain that you are looking for - talk to us, it's fun sourcing new (and old!) genetics.